DeRose is a writer and an educator, covering a broad spectrum of subjects including philosophy, self-knowledge, well being, etiquette, nutrition, fiction and biography. He has written more than twenty books, sold millions of copies and published works in English, Spanish and Portuguese. For more information about DeRose visit his blog.


An extremely complete set of techniques and concepts developing high performance, vitality, strength, flexibility, balance, movement, coordination, breathe, concentration and self-awareness, as well as stress management and etiquette.


For over 50 years, the DeRose Method has been empowering individuals not only to improve themselves but also the world around them. Our unparalleled experience directly translates into a personalized and inspired experience for members. Our professionals are renowned for their knowledge, expertise, education and friendliness, due to our industry leading vocational education program. All DeRose Method professionals revalidate their certifications annually and are provided an array of opportunities for professional growth.

Global Network

The DeRose Network is represented by over 250 establishments, all offering the ultimate luxury of convenience to our more than 50,000 members worldwide. With locations in New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Lisbon, Rio, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires, our members get access to all the same excellent services, ambience and benefits when traveling, all at no extra cost. Our entities offer a premier and personalized membership experience fostering a healthy and productive lifestyle.


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